Forest Honey

Buy forest honey, honeydew honey, honeydew, honey dew. It is obtained from the different varieties of trees and shrubs that grow in the collection area. Unlike with other honeys, what the bees transform is not the nectar of the flowers, but the sugary solutions that exist in the leaves of these trees. It has a high content of mineral salts, especially iron, and less sugar than the other varieties.

High antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory capacities are attributed to it. Because of its high iron content, nutritionists often recommend it in cases of anemia and people recovering from a disease or surgery. A high concentration of polyphenols has been identified in forest honey, biologically active compounds directly related to its high capacity antioxidant It is also ideal against lung conditions such as asthma, flu, pneumonia and bronchitis. Its high content of minerals and low sugar make it also recommended for athletes.

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